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Anytime. Anywhere.

When we first learned to tell the time, the day had 12 hours. As teenagers we discovered the digital watch and suddenly the day stretched to 24 hours.

Today we have the whole day at a glance, with the watch face a24 from °

On the familiar round dial the watch hand sweeps over all 24 hours of the day. Pure design makes the a24 a unique chronometer – made for the full day, to fill with exceptional moments!

For those who demand more of their displays, the a24 shows minutes, date and battery in two color modes (black/white) for the whole day at a glance at anytime.

Additionally the a24 allows you to configure also a square watch face as well as an optimized version for the Moto360.

The a24 from ° – your whole day at a glance.
Anytime. Anywhere.

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Square Dial Face

Moto Dial Face

Moto360 Dial Face

Minutes Dial Face

Minutes display

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Monthly day display

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Battery display

Morning Phone Header
Morning Watchface


The additional minutes dial face in light illumination mode

At a glance...

time on your hands

Picture this: as the dawn streams flickering light shining through green leaves, you stand barefoot in the meadow, feeling the morning dew tickling your toes.

The birds' twittering accompanies the first warming sunbeams on their way through the fresh air as the early morning fog mingles with the smell of freshly brewed coffee.

Across the rim of the cup, you blink into the sunshine. While a caterpillar ropes down to your shoulder, the first window blinds are raised in the nearby city...

Afternoon Phone Header
Afternoon Watchface


The additional minutes and date dial faces in light illumination mode

At a glance...

the world expands

After an exhausting business meeting, you leave the air-conditioned lobby, give the receptionist a nod and step into the city's torrid midday heat.

Passing the main roads on foot, you observe the endless traffic jam of car roofs furiously sparkling in the sun. Ignoring the honks and shouts of sweating drivers and take a refreshing sip of water in the shadow of the greengrocer's sunblind.

Chasing idle thoughts before glimpsing a beautiful smile passing from the corner of your eye...

Evening Phone Header
Evening Watchface


the pure dark illumination mode

At a glance...

for any plans

The crackling sound of burning wood from the fireplace welcomes you home.

From the kitchen, you hear the familiar clattering of dishes as you stroll over the carpet towards the well-laid table. Covertly nibble from the well-flavoured entrée set out in the candlelight. As you uncork the bottle of red wine, the dog breathes a sigh of contentment, curled up in a ball in her basket.

Wash down the last crumbs with a good wine reminiscent of dark fine wood and blueberries. As the kitchen door opens with a creek, the smell of your favourite dish reaches your nostrils...

Night Phone Header
Night Watchface


The additional date dial face in dark illumination mode

At a glance...

when night owls dance

After a long night, dull bass vibrations escort you through the exit of the former factory building into a summery drizzle.

Outside the nightclub, the glowing of the street lights fades into the blurred twilight of the dawn.

On wet asphalt, as you walk along walls of torn off posters towards the heart of the concrete jungle, the first tram snakes along with a rattle, followed by sunbeams cutting through the rain. Don your sunglasses and look forward to the new day...